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    Dec 28,2019 - Jan 22, 2020


Hi I have an offer about outsource partnership And collaborate with us I am contacting you as a commercial developer of LaraX Co. LaraX is a leading IT consultancy and full-cycle software development company based in Canada. LaraX provides IT services, and customized software development for different industries that need customized or enterprise software solutions. well, we are a team of freelancers who work in softwar development domain.we are trying to find people who are interested to collaborate with us. Our main branch is located in Canada, and our development team is located in Asia, for this reason, our price is cheaper up to 60% in compare with the other companies. Our team has more than 30 talented experts. We have delivered +50 projects around the world to overcome clients’ business problems through IT solutions. since our freelancers are offshore the price is cost effective LaraX can offer you all kinds of IT development and services. I am sure your company also requires our IT services. LaraX can provide you the proper IT consultancy and software solutions to enhance your business operation by developing premium IT products and services. Moreover, LaraX can cooperate with you as a third-party or an offshore partner to provide a dedicated development team for you. Do you intrest to outsource some of your develoment? Please have a look at our catalog which is attached here. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. website: www.larax.co

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