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    Nov 27,2019 - Jan 26, 2020


I am looking for someone to develop my web site service. I need both programming and design completed. The winning developer would also be used for quarterly updates. So depending on how satisfied I am with the completed initial web site, the developer would most likely be the same developer to perform ongoing updates when needed. Here is what I am looking to do. I need a web site that will allow members to sign up and add products that they are willing to give away for free. For example, a book, an old cell phone, a pair of shoes, whatever they want to give away. Once posted then other members would click on a button on any item they want. After they click on the button the sending member will receive an e-mail indicating someone has requested their product along with the shipping info and the sending member either sends the receiving member the product using a mail carrier or members can agree to meet if local. Once an item is selected by another member a few things need to happen. Some sort of communication needs to open up as a wall between both parties. Each should also receive an e-mail indicating the item was requested along with the shipping address. The product needs to be removed from active products so it is no longer available to other members. Also, a credit is transferred from the receiving members account to the sending members account. I guess there could be internal message tool so the two members can communicate about the transaction. Members would earn credits a few ways. They could buy credits and earn credits. They would also have the option to sell credits back. I would also need a rating system in place. A user would receive 1 point for every successful transaction and 2 points for ever successful transaction when they were the sender. For ever 10 points earned a user receives a free credit. The total points always accumulate which is the members rating. Logo and name is not needed. Any automatic bid will be deleted instantly. Only serious inquires please. Also, good response time will be something I really look for. I do not want to wait days and days for a simply response during development.

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