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    Apr 07,2020 - May 02, 2020


We'd like you to take one question at a time from a paper we have, and for each one, you will have to create 10 of the same questions with varying numbers. You can change the context but the method to solve the question should be the same. The questions will also need to include answers and we’d need 250 questions minimum a week made. If this goes well it will, therefore, be a long term agreement. We want the 10 qs on 1 side and answers on the other. In a case where this isn’t possible, the questions should always be on sides 1, 3,5…. And answers should always be on sides 2,4,6... *Bear in mind we mean sides, not pages*The font comfortaa regular should also be used We'd need each set of questions you have made by Thursday of every week. An example of what we require can be provided. We will need a test sample from you to evaluate your understanding of our requirements.

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